A safe holiday, a peaceful family

It’s a season of vacation when we all want to get away somewhere, rest, forget about work and everyday life. The wife of an impatient list of catalogs chooses places that would suit and please us. Time and time must be your ally, not to follow my friend’s statement:

Autumn has never been more beautiful this summer.“

In the last few days, the family remained engaged in hotels in the Aegean Sea due to incessant rainfall, floods that affected their vacation. You can imagine what is needed for a three-member family to go somewhere. Seek safety in everything, but time knows everything to spoil.

One day, I went to the MUP of Serbia to inquire about the passport. Given that I have a 7-month-old daughter, I was interested in whether I had to remove the passport for the child. I got information that I have to pay for a child about three hundred and thirty-five hundred dollars so I can take it. When it comes together, I have to deduct 10,500 dinars for all of us. What’s a lot, having in mind that the child has only 7 months

Another important part of the series is the travel insurance that you need to protect yourself from unpredictable circumstances. I went to a few renowned insurance companies to make video deals. Each one had something of his own, but I still had to decide one. For example, Generals have some new offers, and these are that you can use the mobile application Generali – APP and Google play to establish a chat and call. Only the WI-FI network is needed for free communication with the assistant home. Uniqa also introduced travel insurance papers. In case of illness or accident, a special Viber number is available, through which you can contact the Center for Emergency Assistance, wherever you are. What has really intimidated me is to ensure the professional responsibility of travel agencies. This insurance covers the liability of the insured for damages arising from unrealized travel and non-execution or incomplete performance of services and travel program. The travel agency must have guarantees in the event of insolvency – inability to settle its own obligations, in order to compensate for the damage suffered to passengers. The minimum amount of guarantee provided by the policy is 300,000 euros and can be covered by a bank guarantee or insurance, i.e. must have a cover period that corresponds to the validity period of the travel organizer’s license or travel agency.

I hope that happiness will serve as well as you, because as they say for happiness, two or three are needed in this case.

photo: Mts roaming, N1 (passport)