How to improve your business

Web hosting is a service provided by specialized companies, which allows your presentation to be visible on the Internet. To remind you, 2 conditions are necessary for publishing a web presentation. One is to register a domain and the other is to lease a web hosting service from a provider. If we can use an analogy, the domain represents your residential address, and web hosting represents the lease of the apartment or house where you are located. In other words, the price of web hosting is the rent you pay to the owner of the resource that publicly serves your website.

Given that 70 to 80% of people have the Internet and spend their time on computers and portable devices and phones, both for business and leisure – it is not surprising that this part of marketing has become more popular than usual. marketing. Search Engine Optimization (abbreviated: SEO) or search engine optimization (Google, Yahoo, Bing) is a part of digital marketing that deals with positioning websites on search engines on keywords that best match the content of the pages. The goal of optimization is to increase targeted traffic, which increases the number of contacts or direct sales. SEO optimization is very important because as many as 97% of online experiences start on search engines.

Website design is not done so often and that is why you need to pay good attention first to what you want to present on the site, and then to the design itself. Here are some tips to help you prepare when you make a website or someone does it for you. Plan the budget at the beginning for the complete development of the site. The price for the complete development of the site usually includes hosting for the site (space on the Internet), domain (site address), professional design and working hours of developers and costs around 500-800 euros, so make sure your budget prepare for it. Here is a small budget, our site development department delivers our largest hosting package and it costs 139 euros for 1 year, add a domain registration of about 20 euros. There is also a professional WordPress theme that costs about 50-100 euros (there are more expensive and cheaper), and about three working days to create a site and insert content on the site. If you make the site yourself, the developer will not cost you, but count on other costs.

It is recommended that you get both hosting and domain from the same provider. All providers usually have both services, and it will be easier for you to have everything with the same company, because it will be easier for you to take care of payments for the renewal of these services. Otherwise, if you have hosting with one provider and a domain with another provider, you may forget to update one of the services, the site will stop working until you determine where you went wrong. If someone makes a site for you, you can mention that future updates will make it easier for both services to be with the same provider. Once you complete the site, regular technical maintenance is required to keep the site up to date with web standards and updates. If you do not do that, the site becomes vulnerable in case of hacker attacks. Website development agencies usually offer site maintenance as an additional service. The price for such services usually depends on what will be included in the maintenance and how many working hours will be spent on it. You will also need to add new content to keep your story up to date. No one likes neglected sites, and anything new you add helps both your customers and Google search to better understand what’s going on with your site.

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