How stress affects health

Everyday life, modern way of life. Chasing free time, stress at work, lack of money, fast food, it affects us all badly. Our parents used to say that life was never as fast as it is today. We have less and less time for us, for our neighbors. I am 43 years old and I became the parent of a little girl. I used to have a bigger motive to go to work, hang out with people and spend my time with them. Now everything has become different. People became more nervous, more tense, they lost all sense of humor.

I work in a medical institution as a counter worker. Going to work, I want more and more to finish my working hours as soon as possible. The atmosphere in which I spend my working hours is mostly tense, no one talks, except the parties at the counter who throw and quarrel in order. 300 people come to that counter every day in one shift. Less collegiality, understanding and more intolerance. Lack of people in the service, more and more who want to create a better life for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, we remain who we have to, due to various life circumstances. I feel really bad after each shift. Full of negative energy, I go home after each shift. Besides, I somehow manage to achieve that, whenever I think that my family is waiting for me at home. I often have a habit of telling my colleagues, it’s not all about work, because we all have life outside of it. To that I get the answer that I need to leave the service in order to have my life.

I am often overwhelmed by fatigue, that I am not able to respond to obligations outside of work. You need to be a good husband, father, and even a son, while forgetting about the hard day at work. Life is starting to lose meaning because you don’t have it. A child is the greatest meaning and you look forward to it the most. You can’t wait to spend time with him, to watch him change, you wait for the first words. I want to give him as much as I can. When you become a parent, your life changes 360 degrees. You are not even aware of it until you feel it on your skin. You rush to work, out of work, obligations, always a race against time. This pace of life affects health. One day, during my working hours, I decided to donate blood for analysis. I was surprised by his results. They were increased * Cholesterol, triglycerides, sugar and vitamin D. I was worried about increased, sugar which was 7.6 in the morning and Vitamin D which was below normal 9.5 and over 20 is normal.

I decided to contact an endocrinologist to consult about my health condition. He told me to do an OGTT test and does anyone in my family have a problem with Cholesterol and Sugar? It doesn’t always have to be hereditary, but stress and an unhealthy lifestyle can also lead to this. I have been diagnosed with Endocrinological Disorder, which I have to regulate with some kind of diet and the Glucophase drug for the rest of my life. I changed my diet, introduced an alternative. Instead of white, I use coconut sugar, I also replaced white bread with razan, and ordinary SO with potassium. It is not said nonsense about 4 white deaths!

Coconut sugar has zinc, calcium and iron, which is important for diabetes and the whole organism. Vitamin D is also very important for regulating the body. At one American University of Medicine, it was stated that Vitamin D is very important for the prevention of type 2 diabetes, that low levels of vitamin D can cause: cancer, depression and heart disease. I started to use fish more and more in my diet and spend as much time in the Sun as my job allows. On the examples of my father, who also has the same problem, I am increasingly turning to alternatives.

A healthy person has many desires, and a sick person only one.

And let’s remember my dears that paper suffers all in this case Blog.

photo: Concept International, How to Succeed at Work and Life | How to use energy successfully